Fees and Discounts

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Fees are based upon square footage and age of the subject property. Please contact Cameo for fee estimates.

We can be reached at 360.459.1632 or via e-mail at

Cameo proudly offers discounted fees for the following:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Fire Fighters
  • Repeat clients
  • Senior Citizens

Additional Fee Based Services

Challenges with structures have changed dramatically since 1999 when Cameo opened its doors. Inspection findings are more sophisticated and often involve complex system issues that inspectors never encountered in past years. It is our belief that inspectors need to have a greater understanding of what may happen to a structure down the road and why.


We believe inspectors should master their craft to protect their clients from conditions which are not only present now but could develop later, becoming costly repairs. Finally, we believe an inspector should focus solely on providing the most thorough and professional inspection they can. For these reasons, we do not up sell additional services which could take both time and focus away from the general home inspection.

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